Wednesday, October 18, 2017

American Literature Period 3, 4

1. Finish your Thinking in Colors. On A White Sheet of Paper, write down the statement that expresses the main idea or key point from "What Is An American?" in BLACK. Write down a statement from the essay that you disagree with in RED. Write down 2 statements that you agree with in GREEN. Write down a positive statement using BLUE ink.
2. Finish your Pronoun handout (period 4)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

American Literature Period 1, 3, 4

1. Redo your Open Mind to include the specific number of images and quotes from Crevecouer and other readings. It must use color!
2. Complete the "Thinking In Colors" Assignment if you did not. Main Idea; 2 Statements you agree with (in Green) from What Is An American?; 1 Statement you disagreed with or didnt fully agree, and 1 positive statement.
3. (Period 3 only: Finish the Nouns handout).

Monday, October 16, 2017

Am Lit 1, 3, 4

1. Complete your Open Minds. Be sure to quote from the essay read in class, "What Is An American?" as well as include images, words and phases that reflect readings, the videos we have seen and you experience.  Refer to the Open Mind Assignment post before this one for the number of words, etc. Be sure to use color, make sure your Open Mind is fully complete and is ready to share.
2. Complete your imitation of "Stupid America"
3. Be sure to bring the essay, "What is An American?" to class tomorrow.

What Does It Mean To Be American?

What Does It Mean to Be American? What is America? Use your open mind to record words; phrases; people; experiences; sentences; images that you associate with America and Americans (or what American is not) Use a balance of words, and images. Use color intentionally. Record names of famous cities, places, experiences. You must color your open mind and make it visually appealing. Your open mind should reflect some of your own feelings, experiences and ideas, as well as two quotes or words from Crevecoeur's essay, Let America be American, or a quote from a noted leader. Include  at least two words or concepts or sentences from the video. You must include no fewer than 25 words, phrases, images, sentences, iconic images (5 must be images).  Do remember this is a graphic organizer that will assist in writing our definition essay!

Friday, October 13, 2017

American Literature Period 3, 4

1. Finish the correct Reflective Journal based on the research assignments choosing two different groups.
2.  Produce your own version of the poem, "Stupid America" in which you use your ideas, but have a similar structure to the original poem.
3. Be ready to share and write on Monday.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lesson Plan For Periods 1, and 3

As discussed, the lesson plan for today is primarily online.  You must use a chromebook to access online resources. First, complete your Article of the Week, and Summary and submit to Mr. Holloway. Then, complete the lesson plan found in the linked document here. October 10 Period 1 and 3
Lastly, complete the NEW Reflective Journal Found under Class Readings and Handouts. Here is the link for your lesson:
If you do not have a chromebook, use the large computer in the front of the class.
The Reflective Journal can also be found here: New Reflective Journal

Friday, October 6, 2017

Amnesty Day Period 1, 3, 4

Today, after writing in your Journal on either a Free Response Topic, or continuing one from the Autobiographical Topics, you have the opportunity to complete one to two missed assignments. Perhaps you were absent; didn't check the blog; arrived at school late, or simply didnt do a SOAPS; questions; graphic organizer. Maybe you didn't write another paragraph from the modes of exposition because you thought that I didn't need. There is only one catch: I can not provide you with handouts or readings. The readings from Springboard are uploaded. SOAPS Sheets are in the back easel. Your assignment must have the date, period, title of assignment on it. It must be submitted by the end of the period (for period 1, you may submit by the end of break.)